Excision Arthroplasty Right Hip


Marley is a 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer with bilateral Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and has had surgery on her right leg and due to have the left leg corrected in due course. Due to the removal of the femoral head, the femur has been left “free floating” and has lost the support of the hips. There has been extensive muscle loss which started pre surgery and has increased post surgery. She is putting very little weight on her right leg and due to the disease also in her left hip, she is putting a lot of weight on her front legs, overdeveloping the muscle.


Marley’s rehabilitation plan will concentrate on re-mobilising her right leg, building muscle mass and strengthening the muscle around the femur to improve weight bearing. To enable her to undergo the second surgery, which will result in both femoral heads being absent, Marley will need the strength in her right hip to carry her post surgery. She will also need to build the muscle pre surgery to minimise muscle loss and weakness post surgery and increase recovery time.


Marley is a happy little girl and she enjoys the water. At first there was little or no movement of the right leg and minimal use of the left in the pool. However, she is now moving the left leg more and she is starting to kick the right leg albeit with poor range of movement so far. Over time, she will learn to use this leg again as muscle develop and although she will never walk with a normal gait again, she will have far greater mobility and stability to help her enjoy life.