Bilateral Elbow  Dysplasia & Bilateral Degenerative Hip Disease


Missy is a 12 year old Collie mix with multiple degenerative joint disease. Both elbows presents with osteoarthritis with the left being worst affected. The rangeof movement is poor and she shows evident pain on palpation and manipulation of the elbows. There is pronounced muscle wastage in the hips and she walks with a sagging gait. Her left hip has increased muscle mass
indicating that her right hip is worst affected. She has obvious weakness and often stumbles with her back legs. She presents symptoms of depression and her lack of mobility impairs her outdoor and indoor activity, limiting mental stimulation and wellbeing.


Missy’s rehabilitation plan focusses on all four limbs. The aim is to reduce pain and stiffness in her elbows and improving range of movement and building muscle. The aim is also to build muscle in the hips and reduce the increase muscle mass on the left and improve it on the right.  The hope is that she will have more evenly distributed weight bearing, reducing compensatory strain on any one joint.


Missy has now been coming for 2 weeks and there is already increased range of movement in her left elbow. On her first session, her left leg was swinging outwards when swimming, but this is now moving closer to her body with an improved flexion/extension, showing more mobility in the elbow. She is still reticent to work her back legs, but is showing more movement when encouraged.


Whereas she was an unwilling swimmer in the first session, she now enjoys the water and is more relaxed, freeing her mind to work on her swimming!