Our pool is a state of the art, custom built "DogPools Inc" pool measuring 5m x 2.5m and is the perfect size for any dog or condition.  Whether it is for rehabilitation, fitness or fun, our pool can accommodate all shapes and sizes to ensure optimum treatment.


The pool water is kept at between 28 and 30 degrees celsius to ensure optimum

rehabilitative benefit. The water itself is tested 3 times a day to ensure correct levels of chlorine are maintained for both safety and hygiene purposes.  The pool is also vacuum cleaned at the end of each day and skimmed with a net between each swim. 


The filters in the pumps are cleaned once a week (back washed) and serviced by the manufacturer once a year.  Strict logs are kept of all pool and water maintenance for inpection of governing bodies, vets or owners.

Anti swim jets provide excellent resistance for those dogs who need to work that little bit harder.
An external and internal ramp provides easy and safe access to the pool especially for those dogs with walking difficulties.
The purpose built deck enables owners to have safe access to the pool to watch and encourage their dogs.
The shower facilities are there to ensure your dog is clean before a session and helps to warm the muscles and tendons. Then after a session they are washed again to rinse their coats and are gently air blasted nice and dry before they go home.