About Aqua Kinetics

The co-owner and lead therapist at our Bolton centre is Anna-Lise Higton who gained her Level III qualification as a Hydrotherapist for Small Animals in 2011.  She ran her own grooming business for several years before becoming a hydrotherapist and is also a qualified Nutritionist for Dogs & Cats. Other qualifications include Canine Psychology and Behavioural Modification, which she provides on a 1-to-1 basis.


Anna-Lise has experience working with dogs of all dispositions and breeds, but has a particular talent for working with fearful or aggressive dogs.


As a Hydrotherapist, she has worked with a variety of animals with differing conditions ranging from post-operative cruciate ligament surgery to hip dysplasia and quadriplegic animals.  She has also deal with all variety of smaller animals including cats and rabbits and has in the past volunteered her services to swimming skunks & badgers for rescue groups!


As a Nutritionist she has treated many animals with skin conditions, allergies, renal failure, liver failure and many other conditions.  The right nutrition also lends invaluable aid to soft tissue and muscle recovery and healing in dogs.


Her behavioural work with dogs has concentrated on rehabilitation of "naughty" dogs, dog/people aggressive dogs and fearful dogs.  Her training and experience helps her a great deal when working with difficult patients who do not cope well with new experiences or environments.